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Out of the ordinary ...
Out of the ordinary ...
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Strategic Graphics/Copywriting

Charitable Events Advertising

Video/TV/Animation Script Writing/Editing/Project Management

Productivity Reductions

Dips in production can be illustrated by this change plan chart. This progression was developed from the tipping points that occur within change management phases, and is customizable to your business. Ask us how it can be measured in our business.


Change Plan Timeline

This timeline was adapted from John Kotter's principals and can be based on your business needs and how people interact for daily business within your business. See more on example of the change plan which can be discussed with consultation based on your company's needs. 



Welcome to BullsEye Strategy Group. Have a look around the website and get to know the variances in work. If you want to drop us a line you can always write in the registry.


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Welcome to BullsEye Strategy Group

Operations and Marketing Management Professionals

Visit the menu at the top to learn more about our work and styles of writing, business modeling, planning, and forecasting techniques. Your visit to this site is much appreciated. Please don't hesitate reaching out to us in the blog registry or contact us through email under the contact us button to learn more about how your business can become more protitable. Have a superproductive week!

ABOUT US -- in this section, you will find some work experience samples that are interesting, yet if a copy of a curriculum vitae is required for management of our group, please advise within the contact us area. Additonally, there are some artist pieces throughout the site that shows our critical thinking processes, as well as some business modeling. Full disclosure or content can be discussed in person as there may be proprietary findings, and all content on this site is copyrighted from illegal use. 



Advertising works when it is
communicated ON TARGET!


Know your business!


Please continue to review the ABOUT US section to learn more, and then visit the individual work places throughout other sections of this site for ideas and examples. Thank you!

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